A Quick Blurb On Vlad Guerrero

I really wasn’t planning on doing a full post on Vladimir Guerrero as I didn’t anticipate he would make that necessary.  Given that everyone is speculating Adam Lind’s demotion means fast tracking Vladdy to the Blue Jays I thought I would add my two cents.

My initial thought was why?  Does anyone think Vladdy is actually a worthy designated hitter?  He was awful last season, you don’t need to go further than his awful 0.0 WAR and 95 wRC+.  Yeah, that’s right a guy who was only used for his bat was actually 5% worse than league average. 

Basically he shouldn’t have even been in the big leagues – last year.  His slash line was 290/317/416 in a whopping 590 PAs, he had 13 HRs, a pathetic 2.9 BB%, .126 ISO, .318 woBA and again a 0.0 WAR.  The Orioles are sure struggling without him right?

They can’t get better production from almost anyone else in their system?  Keep Yan Gomes, call up David Cooper, hell bring back Brad Fullmer, any of them would probably out produce a well past his prime Vlad Guerrero.  ZIPS projects 284/316/429, which I feel is generous after seeing his hacks down in the minor leagues today (via television).

I don’t see how Vladimir Guerrero is better than any of our current DH options, because he isn’t.


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