Blue Jays Series Recap – Taking 2/3 From White Sox

The Chicago White Sox were playing some of their best baseball of the season prior to the Toronto Blue Jays coming into town.  The Jays made the White Sox look very beatable in the first two games of the season and had a great chance to get the sweep but couldn’t get the clutch hit needed with runners in scoring position (1-11 on the  night). 

The Sox were 30-23 heading into the series but the Blue Jays showed them that record means little in a division as weak as the AL Central.  I think it is safe to say the Jays would be a strong (very strong) contender for the division title in the White Sox division this season (and most seasons).

Blue Jays record sits at 30-27, and they now sit two games behind first place in the AL East.

Quick recaps and boxscores:

Game 1 – Blue Jays 9, White Sox 5 – Colby Rasmus goes 5-5 with a homerun, score was flattering for the Sox.

Game 2 – Blue Jays 4, White Sox 0 – Brandon Morrow with an absolute gem throwing a complete game shutout.

Game 3 – White Sox 4, Blue Jays 3 – Orlando Hudson gets game winning hit in bottom of the ninth.

UP NEXT: Interleague resumes with the Blue Jays heading to Atlanta to face the braves for a three game set.


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