Kyle Drabek To Undergo Tommy John Surgery For Second Time

Something clearly wasn’t right with Kyle Drabek and we now find out that he will undergo his second Tommy John elbow surgery tomorrow.  Drabek started the season rather well, showcasing an improved strikeout rate (7.8 K/9) and decent control (4.5 BB/9) as he posted a 2.40 ERA in 30 innings in April.

However the season quickly turned sour in May and June where his FIPs were 7.07 and 5.10 respectively.  His velocity was down over 1 MPH on his fastball and his control was nearly non-existent (7.8 BB/9 in May, 5.6 BB/9 in June).  He left his last start after feeling something pull in his right elbow and the rest is history.

So it is back to square one for Kyle Drabek, a key component of the Roy Halladay trade as we still do not know what type of pitcher we have.  Is he the ground ball inducing machine we saw in April or the mediocre strike out pitcher who lacks even average command?

This is a tough loss if for no other reason the jury will have to remain out on his potential for another 15-18 months minimum as he makes his way back from the surgery.  By then a plethora of intruiging and talented arms making their way through the Jays system will be passing him on the depth chart.

Barring a fairly miraculous recovery and comeback Kyle Drabek might have thrown his last meaningful pitch for the Toronto Blue Jays.



3 Responses to “Kyle Drabek To Undergo Tommy John Surgery For Second Time”

  1. 1 chief00 June 19, 2012 at 4:53 pm

    Spitballin’ time. I don’t often speculate about trades, but the Jays’ situation has me thinking. Here are some which may be consistent with AA’s modus operandi (generally young, higher-ceiling, cost-controlled players involved).

    First, Adam Lind and JP Arencibia for Brandon McCarthy and Kurt Suzuki. McCarthy’s the best player in this deal but he’s had injury problems in the past. A change of scenery could benefit Lind as much as it did Aaron Hill, making him more enticing. TOR gets a good catcher for the interim before D’Arnaud takes over for the next decade; OAK gets a young, power-hitting C who can catch or switch to another position. Both teams swap roster players.

    Second, Moises Sierra and Eric Thames for Jeff Francoeur. TOR gets a solid LF (or CF or RF–TOR’s outfield would be almost completely interchangeable). KCR gets a young prospect (whom TOR doesn’t need), and a young OF who’s better-than-average, but needs a change of scenery.

    Third, Brett Cecil and Joel Carreno for JA Happ. Two starters who’ve underperformed lately and a good-looking middle/late reliever. TOR gets help for the rotation now and later; HOU gets younger without getting worse (necessarily). Both teams swap a roster player.

    Fourth, McDade (they don’t want him now, but someone similar) for Jeremy Guthrie. COL wants to dump the under-peforming and overpaid Guthrie pretty badly. Since four other teams are inquiring, the price goes up but not substantially. After all, COL doesn’t want to keep him. Sweeten the deal with Luis Hurtado, the 24-year-old C at Vegas. TOR is loaded with catching, making it a prime position from which to deal.

    Guthrie is the only player north of 30 in all of these spitball deals. OAK and KCR typically want to get younger (i.e. prospects), so that’s what they get. TOR needs help in LF and in the rotation; these deals do that without emptying the farm. I’d be very satisfied with Francoeur: he could solidify the OF defense and the line-up, batting fifth. They get other players who can help them in the midst of the injuries AND when the other players come back.

    Theo and Co. have been dangling Garza and, to a lesser extent, Dempster hoping get a better price. Let someone else pay the premium. McCarthy’s a ground ball pitcher who’d play well in TOR and the AL East. Happ’s a solid lefty who’s lost in HOU, but pitched well for PHI in a more competitive environment. Guthrie would (hopefully) give innings and lots of ’em.

    Thoughts? Where have I missed the boat…?

    • 2 AL Eastbound (@ALEastbound) June 19, 2012 at 8:41 pm

      I would love to add McCarthy, he is definitely an underrated arm however I worry how his stuff and lack of strikeouts would play in the offensive environment present in the AL East and Rogers Centre. I think he would be a mid 4.00 / 1.35 type – good but not great.

      However I think the perceived value of McCarthy has surpassed his actual value (if placed in the AL East) and I doubt Lind and Arencibia would entice Billy Beane enough to pull the trigger.

      The Jays would do that deal in a second. The A’s would definitely ask for a top young arm from our system, which I think the Jays would be wary of adding.

      I like your thought process here though, a lot. We have expendable parts and need to shore up the staff, regardless of what “prospects” are coming, veteran presence is huge.

  2. 3 chief00 June 19, 2012 at 3:42 pm

    I don’t know what to think about this guy. He’s obviously talented, but his main problem seems to be upstairs. He’s also injury prone now.

    He spoke to someone the other day who’d gone under the knife for TJ surgery the other day (can’t remember who, though), and that pitcher is presently throwing without pain.

    I don’t know if he can come back from this–time will tell–but D’Arnaud and Gose might feel extra pressure to produce at the ML level. They don’t need to: teams lose FAs all the time and don’t get anything in return (except compensation picks under the old CBA).

    I’m not sure about the Jeremy Guthrie rumours. My suspicion is that because we’ve heard something, there’s no substance to it. AA plays things pretty close to the vest. If there is something to it, maybe Guthrie can eat some innings. Hulking 1B Mike McDade wouldn’t be a big loss. After last night, it may be that Henderson Alvarez has lost effectiveness at the ML level. Does he need to be replaced, too?

    Some pretty big decisions need to be made, but panicking would be the worst possible response. How about thinking a little bigger, like Brandon McCarthy from the A’s and J.A. Happ from the Astros? This wouldn’t even preclude the relatively-minor deal for Guthrie…

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