To Bay Or Not To Bay

Well, this is an interesting development.  One day after Alex Anthopoulos said that he needed to be creative when scouring the market for pitching upgrades, a 2B, and a left fielder, the pride of Trail, BC became available.  Jason Bay and the New York Mets reached an agreement that allows Bay to become a free agent.

Bay will receive all of the money that his contract stipulated.  As reported on,

Bay, 34, signed a four-year, $66MM contract with the Mets prior to 2010. He was still owed $16MM in 2013, a $3MM buyout of his 2014 club/vesting option, and $2MM worth of signing bonus money. All of that accounts for the $21MM, which will now be spread over several years rather than the next 12 months.

Injuries and a dramatically-declining performance level necessitate caution, but the question is: “Should the Blue Jays sign him?”  Paraphrasing Huck Finn, ‘to Bay or not to Bay, that’s the bare bodkin.’

Wes Kepstro


5 Responses to “To Bay Or Not To Bay”

  1. 1 @ALEastbound November 7, 2012 at 8:55 pm

    Sure, on a minor league deal.

  2. 4 budyzer13 November 7, 2012 at 7:33 pm

    I think a Minor league contract with a invite to spring training would be fine but not a guaranteed contract. Saying bay has declined is a understatement. He dropped off a cliff and had been injury prone while also suffering multiple concussion in the last two years. But a there’s no bad minor league contracts and you never know the jays could catch lightning In a bottle if Jason steps up for his Canadian fans and decides to drive some balls out of the park in the hitter friendly Dome. Unlike the mets stadium.

    • 5 Wes Kepstro November 7, 2012 at 7:42 pm

      I’m still not clear what the contract stipulations are with regard to signing with another team, but non-roster invitee to ST seems wise.

      For what it’s worth, he’s done pretty well against the AL East during his career. I just have to believe that with a change of scenery, he’s at least as what the Jays have trotted out there the last couple of seasons (Rajai, Snider, Thames). As you say, “there’s no bad minor league contracts”.

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