Mission ’13, Game 4: Red Sox win 6-4

Brett Lawrie is out with an oblique injury. Jose Bautista tweaked his ankle in Game 3. These are the times when we’ll if the Jays’ depth is quality depth. Visiting the Jays are John Farrell and the Red Sox, a team that may surprise a lot of people. The fans voiced their displeasure with John Farrell as boos cascaded down to field level, then the Red Sox took care of the Jays.

Not surprisingly at this early stage of the season neither starter was terribly effective and neither influenced the final outcome. It was the fourth game in a row for the Jays when the ‘pen pitched at least 3 innings. Toronto has used their ‘pen so much that Jeremy Jeffress came in to pitch the 9th inning when it was a one-run game. Will Middlebrooks hit the second pitch he saw over the fence to extend their one run lead.

Offensively it was a mixed bag for the Jays. Jose Reyes was spectacular, falling a 3B short of the cycle, Melky tripled, DeRosa homered and everyone but Lind and Encarnacion hit safely. But Bonifacio struck out four times hitting in the #2 spot and the Jays were miserable with runners in scoring position (0-10). They missed Lawrie and Bautista.

Defensively, the Jays were shaky again. Bonifacio tied a club record held by Hector Torres and Garth Iorg by committing 3 errors at 2B. One led to a run. Maicer Izturis stumbled on another play at 3B, which also allowed a run to score.

Are they pressing? It seems so. Although Reyes made a baserunning blunder tonight, their baserunning has been solid when they’ve been on base. But they’re gripping the bats a little too tightly and they’re shaky in the field. They know all the things we know, and a whole lot more besides. They know that this team is built to win. They know about the odds in Vegas. They know about the fans’ expectations.

How long will it before they put it all together? Well, aside from the gigantic assumption inherent in that question, the only honest answer anyone can give is ‘who knows?’ The Jays will turn to J.A. Happ, hoping he can cauterize an early minor wound.

Wes Kepstro


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