Could Marcus Stroman Make A Difference in 2013?

Marcus Stroman was drafted 22nd overall by the Toronto Blue Jays in 2012 MLB draft and the brass felt he could be a fast riser through the system.  While he stands only 5’9″ and weighs around 180 pounds Stroman can fire his fastball into the mid 90s and has a slider that Marc Hulet of Fangraphs feels could be 65-70 when fully developed.  In short, he has the goods.  The only negative thus far was the 50-game suspension for his positive PED test and the fact some scouts do not see a starting pitcher.

Stroman is only 21 years old and in 19.1 professional innings had a very solid 10.71 K/9 and 2.89 FIP.  He has recently returned from his 50-game suspension and was very impressive tossing 5 shutout innings allowing just four hits, one walk and striking out six.

David Laurilia of Fangraphs sat down with him and it sounds like Stroman is bursting with confidence.  He feels he can be a starting pitcher, tested positive for an over-the-counter stimulant and how he mostly works off of his four-seam fastball right now.

Stroman on his suspension and starting over: “[The suspension] was for an over-the-counter stimulant I was taking. I didn’t know it was something I’d test positive for. It was definitely hard to cope with. I was sent home, then went to instructs for three or four weeks. I closed there — I didn’t start.

“When I reported to spring training they let me know they were going to give me a chance to start this year. I had all these games I had to serve, and they stretched me out during spring training and extended. I was able to work on all four of my pitches, and really develop into a starter’s role.

“I loved being told I was going to start. I certainly wasn’t mad, or anything like that. I did both at Duke, so I have experience with both. I knew I’d be able to get into a good routine and really get going.

“I honestly couldn’t tell you what the Blue Jays are thinking down the road — I just know I’m starting now. I feel I can have success as a starter, I definitely don’t feel I’ll be limited to the bullpen.”

Read the full interview here, a great story.

Given the Blue Jays desperate situation in the AL East and current injury woes would the Jays front office possibly think about calling him up and take a spot in the big league rotation?


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