Mission ’13: The Kawasaki Question

Jose Reyes is scheduled to play at least one more game in AAA Buffalo, and then join the Jays for their series in Boston at the end of the week. I know the math doesn’t work there, but I’m not clear as to why the discrepancy exists. At any rate, the Jays intend to bring back their All Star calibre short stop very soon.

Knowing that this was upon us we asked the question that everyone else is asking (“What should the Jays do about Munenori Kawasaki?”), and the results are clear.

We surmised that the Jays have several obvious choices (and some not-so-obvious ones that we didn’t include, like waiting for someone to hit the 60-day DL). They could keep him and displace the incumbent second baseman, Emilio Bonifacio. Or they could keep him, but mainly as a bench/utility player. Or they could send him to AAA Buffalo, since he still has options. The fourth option was “I don’t know”.

Two-thirds (67%) of us believe that the right move is to switch him to second base, thus displacing Emilio Bonifacio. The other three options are closely bunched, but trail pretty far behind. Slightly under than 17% of us believe the right move is to keep him as a bench/utility player. Very few (a little more than 11%) believe sending him to Buffalo is the answer, while some (6%) still aren’t sure what to do with him.

I expect that more votes will pour in as reality approaches and we’ll keep giving updates.  We’ll also continue to offer our take on the situation.

Wes Kepstro


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