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Blue Jays Rumours – January 6, 2014

Wow, sorry guys, no updates for quite a while.  I hope to be able to get back to a more regular schedule.  Not that there has been much to discuss but here are a few rumours making the rounds from MLBTR:

-The Blue Jays have been quiet so far this offseason, but Richard Griffin of the Toronto Star sees five reasons for being optimistic about 2014.

– Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe writes that there were two disasters in the city of Toronto last year: mayor Rob Ford and the Blue Jays.  Despite the high expectations, the Blue Jays fell flat and they’ll have to rally back this season to re-energize their fan base.  The Blue Jays are at a disadvantage, Cafardo writes, because players aren’t always open to playing north of the border and tend not to realize how great it is until they’re there

-A few general managers think that a one-year pillow contract would make sense for free agent outfielder Nelson Cruz.  It seems that he needs to reestablish his value and if he’d do a one-year pact, it could open more opportunities for him with clubs like theMariners, MetsBlue JaysOrioles, and others.  The 33-year-old remains one of the best power hitters out there, but teams are wary about PED guys after they’re off the stuff.

-The Blue Jays remain among the favorites to sign either Ervin Santana or Ubaldo Jimenez, despite their quiet offseason thus far. The Jays could acquire as many as two starters before the offseason is over, Rosenthal reports. In addition to upgrading through free agency, the club has also discussed trades for the Cubs’ Jeff Samardzijaand other starters.

QUICK TAKE: With baseball seemingly flush with cash (this offseason teams have already set a record for money spent) it appears the slight advantage the deep pocketed Blue Jays had as a “mid-major” market has disappeared.  With teams like Minnesota and even Kansas City being active in free agency (whether wise or not) the Blue Jays will have to get more creative if they hope to land a top tier free agent starting pitcher.


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