AL Eastbound & Down was started in January/2012.

We have two authors:

AL Eastbound – has been living, breathing and eating sports since being born. Began writing at personal blogs (Jays in Seven!, Tdotsports1 & now AL Eastbound) and wrote for for a stretch.

I began this blog to bring a different perspective to the Blue Jays blog-o-sphere with a more statistically oriented style but still enjoyable to read on a daily basis. I am self confessed prospect junkie and focus on the world of up and coming youngsters.

Wes Kepstro –

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  • Washington rolls from here. This might end up their toughest series IMO. Good job Buds. Still a great season. 1 day ago
  • Would be nice if JVR was dressed tonight. 1 day ago
  • I can't believe it but I agree with Zaun here. This team needs to avoid firing up any opponent right now. Stroman needs Netflix and chill. 1 day ago
  • How bad would a hitter have to be for Tabby to NOT give the green light on 3-0? 1 day ago
  • Ha Tabby touting plate discipline for Pillar. Career low walk rate and above his career swing rate. 1 day ago

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